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i'm a little baby bird , being pushed out of its nest , climbing back up the tree; admitting i'm weaker than the rest . little honey pie , i'm broken but i'll try; to fix you along with me tonight . i won't stop until we're fine .
i like brand new, blink-182, the front bottoms , the story so far, and real friends .
cats, reading, and sex is what i enjoy .
i'm a sarcastic asshole with horrible intentions . i'm also rather depressing .



if you call me princess or baby girl or kitten I will ride your dick so hard seriously

Anonymous asked: You got the body of a goddess all haul Priscilla!

yes, please haul me away to a dumpster. 

"You may think I’m small, but I have a universe inside my mind.”
— Yoko Ono (via purplebuddhaproject)


*choking back tears* wanna fight