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i'm a little baby bird , being pushed out of its nest , climbing back up the tree; admitting i'm weaker than the rest . little honey pie , i'm broken but i'll try; to fix you along with me tonight . i won't stop until we're fine .
i like brand new, blink-182, the front bottoms , the story so far, and real friends .
cats, reading, and sex is what i enjoy .
i'm a sarcastic asshole with horrible intentions . i'm also rather depressing .

someone should text me though.
let me tell you cute things and compliment you.

it upsets me when i see people from san diego posting sad shit on here. like, nah son. smile.
cruise over and lemme make you some food. or you can eat my vegan sushi left overs. :-)

"Yeah, maybe I’m just a little clingy piece of shit, but I love you more than anyone ever could.”
— (via the-psycho-cutie)
"I am jealous of everybody who is with you when I’m not with you.”
— (via im-simply-me)
Anonymous asked: I am so jealous of your butt and thighs it's not fair

oh shush.


u have cute hands but they’d be even cuter down my pants